A retaining wall is a structure designed and constructed to resist the lateral pressure of soil when there is a desired change in ground elevation that exceeds the angle of repose of the soil. Its basic function is to hold back earth or water. Such walls must be designed and installed by professional engineers who understand the tension that will be placed on the wall, the strength needed to tolerate that strain reliably, and the type of materials best suited to performing the job appropriately. Retaining walls are very common in areas where there may not plenty of open land, specifically for gardening and landscaping purposes. Such wall can help you create different levels in the side of the graded land, using the available space as completely as possible.

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The Cost of a Retaining Wall

The cost of a retaining wall in California is not expensive if you plan It right and do it correctly, the difficulties start when you need to redo it all over, it can be very pricey. Failure of the wall will most certainly cost you a bundle, and this is the best scenario. Damages to property or lives are also a probability. A well-thought-out retaining wall can not only save lives, but will allow you to take advantage of your lot. At Infinity Construction we can build a retaining wall to support vertical grade changes, prevent downward slope movement or create beautiful terraces.

Exceptional Quality

Our small team is built from experienced individuals that excel in fast-paced residential design-to-build projects. We know our materials, costs, timelines, and the realities of a construction field. Our innovative and state-of-the-art technology throughout all phases of your project will guarantee that your project will be on time & on budget.

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At Infinity Construction we are always here for you, no matter the time. Give us a call with any concern regarding the project and you will always find a live person at the other line.

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We design our projects in house using the latest 3D designing software to ensure that the budget and the materials are right, and changes can be in minutes, not weeks.

Green Construction

We do our best to use materials that not only look great but do great to the environment too. We also recycle what we can after demolition to make our planet happy.

Vast Experience

With many years of experience, we can guarantee that your project will be done on time, with the finest materials, and with the utmost professionalism.

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We are not a large building production that will neglect you. We'll be there in every step of the way answering questions with a hands-on management and attention to details.

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No hidden costs or surprises in our invoices. We will make every effort to provide you with real value for every dollar spent, while beating our competitors estimates.

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