Looking for a professional landscape and irrigation contractor? Infinity Construction can help. Our team of experienced and certified landscapers work shoulder to shoulder with our in-house 3d designers to bring you all the right options at the right budget. We are experts in residential landscaping and we provide solutions for your whole back yard as well, from patio covers, outdoor kitchens and decking, to walkways, beautiful custom ponds and irrigation systems. Whether we are designing a backyard oasis or an eye-catching front yard, our attention to details is what makes us different than our competitors.

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Complete Satisfaction

We prioritize your complete satisfaction, regardless of your project size. We will not rest until you are happy. This is why most of our work is word-to-mouth and we have over 80+ glorious reviews online and offline.

Types of Landscaping

Mediterranean Style

As with most design styles, this theme gets a lot of its atmosphere from the plants used to create it. And as new varieties of Palm trees and different Mediterranean plant varieties are propagated to conform to different climates, the Mediterranean design style is becoming one of the most popular themes used in many parts of the world.

Japanese Garden Style

While there aren’t a lot of Eastern and Japanese type homes in the U.S., the Eastern way and philosophy of designing gardens has become very popular in the Western world. So in order to enjoy the order and elegance of this garden theme, most folks either devote all or part of their backyards to it. In most instances, it clashes with the look of most modern home designs.

Cottage Gardens

Cottage gardens were originally created for raising crops to sustain families. However, over time, they have taken on a whole new appearance and use. Originally, flowers were few or established only by blown in seed. Still, even though a lot of the time this style still makes room for kitchen, herb, and vegetable gardens, it has become a more popular type of flower garden.

Southwest Landscape Design

A very popular theme and atmosphere that can be created through the type of garden decor as well as type of plants. While mostly used in arid regions like Arizona and New Mexico, it is becoming quite popular in many parts of the world. Again, since a lot of the atmosphere for this theme can be created with decor and hardscapes, it is becoming more popular in many areas that can’t sustain the type of arid plants used in this design style.

Formal Gardens

Formal landscape design depends a lot on straight lines and geometrical shapes. Many times this style is very symmetrical. Plants are in order and continually pruned to maintain their formal effect.

Tropical Landscape Design Style

Depending on geographic location and type of plants, this landscaping theme is often grouped in the same area as Mediterranean gardens. However, the plants generally have much larger leaves and flowering plants with intense bright color. Thick foliage placed toward the back of planting beds creates a dense tropical atmosphere planting area.

Great Support

At Infinity Construction we are always here for you, no matter the time. Give us a call with any concern regarding the project and you will always find a live person at the other line.

In-House Designers

We design our projects in house using the latest 3D designing software to ensure that the budget and the materials are right, and changes can be in minutes, not weeks.

Green Construction

We do our best to use materials that not only look great but do great to the environment too. We also recycle what we can after demolition to make our planet happy.

Vast Experience

With many years of experience, we can guarantee that your project will be done on time, with the finest materials, and with the utmost professionalism.

Small-Sized Company

We are not a large building production that will neglect you. We'll be there in every step of the way answering questions with a hands-on management and attention to details.

Competitive Pricing

No hidden costs or surprises in our invoices. We will make every effort to provide you with real value for every dollar spent, while beating our competitors estimates.

What Our Customers Are Saying

With over 80+ 5-star reviews, our reputation speaks for itself. We get to know each client that joins our family and most of our work is by word-to-mouth.

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