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Outdoor Kitchen & Barbecue Area

Modern backyards had recently become an extension of your living space and outdoor structures such as furnished patios, outdoor kitchens and decks are gaining popularity due to their low-maintenance and stylish designs. We are your complete source for custom designed outdoor kitchens and we will work with any budget and any size project to create a unique outdoor living space.

Why Us

We have the knowledge and experience with all of the California building codes, types of soil and climate changes to get your outdoor kitchen project done and to meet our decided deadlines. Our experts will help you choose the right materials and our in-house designers will assure that the colors selected match your home.

Choosing an outdoor kitchen contractor does not have to be a nerve-racking experience. Call us today to see why homeowners in California choose Infinity Construction for their cement needs, or read our glorious reviews online. Our clients enjoy the beauty and functionality of an outdoor kitchen on a daily basis.

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Different Outdoor Kitchen Styles

Concrete countertops are being recognized as the number one material that is both highly functional as well as attractive for taking cooking and entertaining activities outdoors. Another plus is their easy maintenance and huge variety of designs. Travertine pavers are also a good choice for outdoor kitchens particularly if the patio attaches to a pool area. Travertine does not hold heat and is therefore cool on bare feet. Our in-house 3d designers can sketch your whole backyard and show you how the outdoor kitchen will look like before we even started the work. The fact that our designers are in-house allows you to discuss any changes and see the result in a matter of seconds as opposing to days with our competitors.

There are a variety of options and materials when it comes to outdoor kitchens but all of the materials have to withstand extreme high and low temperatures. Some materials include concrete, wood and steel. The construction of an outdoor kitchen can be complex since it involves a combination of gas outlets, electricity and running water, which can be a dangerous mixture for an inexperienced contractor. We have years of experience to back us up and tons of reviews and referrals in your area that would be delighted to talk to you and say what they think about Infinity Construction. We deal with planning & permitting in-house and we know all the codes and regulations involved in an outdoor kitchen project.

Take advantage of our beautiful weather in sunny California and cook outside for your family and friends with a fully functional kitchen. We also build custom patio covers, decks, pools and Jacuzzis that will look great all together in your new backyard retreat.

Outdoor kitchens can include:

  • Outdoor Bar Areas
  • Refrigeration
  • BBQ – Barbeque
  • Fire Pit
  • Fireplace

Contact us today and see why we are the leading name in quality outdoor kitchens around Los Angeles. Schedule a free consultation.

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Our Process


Our free consultation gives us the opportunity to get to know you, what you are passionate about, and in what direction will our project take shape. Let our experts ask all the right questions and brainstorm ideas with you.

Call now for your free consultation: 1 (888) 601-5558


With the use of our in-house team of designers, we create a beautiful 3d rendering of your whole front/backyard which allow you to view every detail of the final project, even before it started. One of the advantages of having an in-house designer is that any change/modification to the design can be done in minutes, not days like some other companies. Only after you are satisfied with the design, we move forward.


We obtain the permits for the construction through our in-house permitting technicians. Electrical and gas permits should always be obtained by whoever is in charge of the actual work, which is why we do it all under one roof. We will call 811(DigAlert to verify that no existing utility lines are in danger. We will schedule all inspections and keep you updated at any step of the process.


We create the layout and excavation, applying the materials necessary for long-term strength, assuring that the outdoor kitchen is durable and the colors match the existing design and house and clean-up. We then make sure that you are instructed with the right information about how to maintain your new outdoor kitchen project. We are also available 24/7 for any questions that may arise.


Now that you have the front/backyard of your dreams, you can enjoy the peace of mind and relax, you are in good hands. We are here to make sure that you always feel this way which is why we dedicated a 24 hours response team that are ready to answer any questions you may have. We will also be delighted if you recommend us to a friend!

We Build Cement. Walkways. Driveways. Concrete. Pavers. Stairs. It All. Trust.


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